Like the David Bowie song says… Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…

Life ChangesI’ve been terribly remiss about writing, and for that I apologize.  I’m back, updated attitude firmly in place, smile firmly on my face, and ready to take on anything the Universe has to throw my way.  You see, I’m ready because I’ve been thinking quite a bit…I sometimes get lost in thoughts.  I’ve also done a great deal of listening.  I’ve been listening to my friends, guides and teachers.  I’ve been listening to strangers.  I’ve been listening to people I just met.  I’ve been told by several people that I’m a good listener.  Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t reach back and retrieve some of the information I’ve listened to… and that’s kind of where I found myself for about the past three months.  I’ve found myself in some changes that I’m not terribly comfortable with.

We replace the majority of our cells every seven to ten years… but there are some cells of which we are born with a finite number (brain), and some that take decades to replace (bone).  Whatever in the world am I babbling about you may ask?

Our physical bodies are ALWAYS in a constant state of change.  We are constantly sloughing off skin cells to be replaced by new and healthier cells.  We are constantly growing new hair. Our nails grow and change constantly.  Did you know, that the lines on your hands change every six months or so?  They won’t be COMPLETELY different, but you can see variations in the lines on your hands every six months… but that’s something for another day.

Cartoon.CarSome of us change our wardrobes seasonally, or annually.  Some of us change our houses around regularly.  Some of us change our cars out regularly.  Some of us change our hairstyles, makeup styles, or lawn decorations… the long and short of it is, we are constantly in a state of change.  These changes are choices we make.  We have control over THESE changes.

And then there are the changes that we have NO CONTROL over… these are the changes that tend to send many of us into a tailspin.

With all of us, without exception, being in a state of change… at all times… why do so many of us have such a difficult time with change?  There are reasons for it…

  • Each of us has our own story to tell.  No two stories are identical.
  • Each of us has had our challenges and tribulations.  Sometimes the trials outweigh the tribulations, or vice versa.
  • Each of us has had our share of tears and joys.
  • Each of us has had to endure changes that have left us gasping for air.
    • The death of a loved one.
    • The loss of a job.
    • The ending of a relationship.
    • Each of us has had changes that have left us in awe of the beauty of life.
      • The birth of a child.Baby.Feet
      • A long dreamt of opportunity becoming reality.
      • A new relationship that leaves you with the butterflies in your tummy at the thought of this new someone special.

What is the biggest difference between the people who handle unexpected change well and those who collapse under the pressures?

  • Some of us handle emergencies exceptionally well, while others panic at the thought.
  • Some of us handle death exceptionally well, others fall completely apart.
  • Some of us handle new jobs exceptionally well; others have near panic attacks at the mere thought of changing jobs.

Which person are you?  How do you handle change?  What do you do when an unexpected situation arises and you are forced to face a particularly difficult challenge head on?  How have you handled past changes that have, whether you know it to be true or not, assisted in forming the person reading this right now?

Right or wrong.  Good or bad.  The changes that have occurred in our lives have made us who and what we are today.

tragedy-strikesUnfortunately, some of the changes that we experience leave us scarred.  Some of the changes cause us to lose a part of ourselves, which causes us to act out in ways that may not be terribly healthy.

What am I talking about?  Let me share some of the experiences that have been shared with me or that have actually happened to me.  Whether or not it is mine right now is of no matter.

♦ Sexual abuse has caused an inability to trust a partner.

♦  Being teased as a child has caused overcompensation and so it’s incredibly important to have only the best most expensive name brands…even if the purse strings are pulled as tightly as possible.

♦  Physical abuse has taught that it is acceptable to physically abuse a loved one.

♦  The death of someone close causes a feeling of impending doom.

♦  Being bitten by a dog as a child leaves a fear of all dogs.

♦  Having been told that there are monsters in the basement has created an adult with an irrational fear of basements.

♦  Being the product of an alcoholic has created an alcoholic.

♦  Being cheated on by a partner has left an inability to trust, thereby unwilling to risk loving fully.

The list can go on and on.  Fill in your own story.  Fill in your own experiences.  How have you coped with changes that have brought you to your knees?

I’m incredibly blessed.  I was raised to understand traditions that have come close to dying out.  I have been raised with beliefs that have recently seen resurgence.

What does that have to do with change?  I’m bouncing a little bit, but I’ll bring it back together… I promise.

Here is what it has to do with change.  All of us have experienced changes.  The vast majority of changes that happen in our lives, we can handle just fine.  We replace cells each and every minute of every single day without flying into a panic because of molecular regeneration.

The sun rises and sets each and every day, and we are here to survive it and give thanks for it.

I have awakened in the morning in an incredibly grumpy mood… who knows why.

  •  I didn’t sleep well.
  •  I had dreams that were unpleasant.
  •  I had an unpleasant conversation the night before.

Whatever the reason, I wake up grumpy and am faced with a choice:  do I remain grumpy, or do I consciously make a change of attitude and alter the energy that I am sharing with my world?

pity-partySadly, I don’t always make the best decision.  Sometimes, I really get caught up in my pity party, and that’s alright… but it’s my choice to keep that energy rather than disposing of it.

Sometimes, we wake up, and we realize we’ve experienced a change that leaves us on our knees.  How do we change this kind of energy?  How do we decide to just not let the death of a sibling bring us down… and keep us there?  How do we just decide that the loss of income isn’t really as bad as it seems?  How do we recover from rape or being molested as a child and just trust that we are going to be okay and that the next person in our life isn’t going to hurt us?

Sometimes, we want to change that energy.  Sometimes we want to face the changes that have wounded us, and we cannot do it alone.  Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes, we need someone to enter our energy, and help make the change with us.

I am a Native American.  As a Native American I was raised to believe that we can go back and “retrieve” parts of ourselves that we have lost from past pains.  I’ve seen wonderful things happen when people have asked for assistance in finding the parts of them that were lost to disasters. I’ve seen lives made whole with the courage it takes to look someone else in the eyes and say “I can’t do it alone.  I need help and don’t know where to start.”

I was raised to believe with every fiber of my being, that energy is fluid and can be manipulated… for good and bad.  Because energy is fluid, wrongs can be righted. Pains can be eased.  Wounds can be healed… each of us has the ability to do this… but so very many of us don’t know HOW to do it.

Energy healingI have taught people how to go back and retrieve lost parts of their souls.  I have done the soul retrieval.  When I do soul retrieval, I am making a sacred vow to the person with whom I am working to see the session through safely and confidentially.  Sometimes, we just need the reassurance that we aren’t alone and we are safe.

I’d love to hear if you have an experience with soul retrieval or energy healing.  I’d be honored to hear your story if you’ve walked through the fire, and are here to tell your story with your head held high… and if you don’t feel as though you can hold your head high, maybe we can figure out how to help you reach that point?

Please reach out to me either on Facebook ( or on my website (www.stressknotskneaded), or if you’d prefer, give me a call (317-623- 8868) to see how we may be able to help you face your changes together.


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