Integrated Massage

ImageI’ve been trying to figure out how to go about explaining integrated massage.  I would have to say that I do more integrated massage, than any other form of massage.  

I love analogies.  I love them because they take a concept that may not be currently understood, and puts them in a form more easily understood. 

When someone walks into a massage session and states “I need a massage”.  As a massage therapist (MT), I ask questions to find out what is going on with her: 

  •  where is she hurting or uncomfortable
  •  when did the pain or discomfort start
  •  what else might be going on – emotionally, sports, illness, injuries

I don’t ask these questions to be nosy, although I’m very interested in my clients, but I ask these questions, because simply requesting “I need a massage” is like walking into a restaurant, and simply saying “I’d like some food” with no further instruction to your server or counter person. 

Knowing what my client is experiencing guides me to what I need to do to help facilitate recovery or improved health in a myriad of areas. 

  • Am I assisting with a sports related injury?
  • Am I assisting in improving flexibility or blood flow? 
  • Am I helping someone finally relax? 
  • Am I releasing trigger points to release pain?
  • Am I working on fascial restrictions? 

ImageI’m a certified massage therapist.  This means I’ve been trained extensively in various modalities, I know how the bones, ligaments and muscles, nerves and systems of the body are connected and what each does.  I teach massage… so I have to be VERY confident in how everything connects and works.  Additionally, as a massage therapist, with a passion for helping others heal, I take classes to learn other techniques.

  •  I read books. 
  • I read articles. 
  • I talk to other practitioners of massage as well as other forms of healing.

 I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging on myself, far from it, but I work diligently to be able to provide to YOU as my client the best, most beneficial experience possible in the short amount of time we spend together. 

What’s all of this got to do with integrated massage? 

Great question!  Integrated massage is like a chef that has been trained in various methods taking a touch of French cuisine, a dash of the Far East, a pinch of the Caribbean and combining it all to make a meal that is a one of a kind experience.

 ImageSometimes, we are REALLY craving a great deli sandwich, and then we go to a food court that has 15 different restaurants and, all of sudden you realize you really want ALL KINDS of flavors.  That’s kind of what integrated massage is like. 

What are YOUR needs?  Do you need to have muscles and joints put back into place from overuse or even some kind of chronic illness?  It may sound funny to lump both in the same question, but it makes sense after looking at it. 

If you have over exerted or moved wrong, you may have a pinched nerve or a muscle that really screams at you when you move in a certain way.  You may need to have that muscle manipulated in a certain way to release it. 

You may have some kind of chronic inflammatory illness that causes your muscles to cramp up, or restricts how some of your systems work… you may need a little deep tissue massage to help your muscle give up the tension, and a more gentle method to help with moving fluids through your system.  You might need me to focus on applying pressure to the fascial system. 

The long and short of integrated massage is taking a little of everything I’ve been trained in, and making it into an experience to help you heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

It’s my passion to assist as many as I can with healing, and Integrated Massage allows me to do that through a wide variety of methodologies.  The integrated massage spectrum is pretty broad, and we could go on and on, so in later articles, I will focus on techniques that I use within my integrated massage. 

Please feel free to give me a call (317-623-8868), or shoot me an email to discuss if integrated massage is what you need. 

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